How to change your aadhaar card details online

Have you provided wrong documents for aadhaar card in the application form? no need to get worried. we are here with the solution.

UIDAI Has Got So Many complains about the incorrect details record Of Aadhaar Card Application Form in UIDAI database, So they have decided to give a facility to the Applicants To change there wrong filled details in Aadhaar Card Application Form. If You Have Filled Wrong Date Of Birth ,Address,Name Or Gender You can Re correct them in your Application Form. The procedure of making correction is too easy and you can do this online or offline both. If you are looking for updating your birth date on aadhar card then go here.

aadhar card update

Online aadhar update Procedure

Here Is The Online Link For Changing Aadhaar Card Details

  • Enter your 12 digits Aadhar number in the field after which you will receive OTP (One Time Password) one your registered mobile number which is valid only for 15 minutes. If you have not provided your mobile number then it will ask for a mobile number at that time.
  • After which with that OTP you have to login into the website and have to check mark the box which you need to update. (Suppose you want to update address then check mark the address field) and click on Submit.
  • After submitting it, fill the correct details in the field and click on “Submit Update Button”. After which it will ask you to verify the details if the you need no further correction then press ” Proceed” else press “Modify”
  • Now you will be directed to a document upload page where you have upload the scanned document for verifying your updated details. You can also post the same to UIDAI.
  • After which you will get a URN on your mobile and will get a message on the screen that your details have been updated. Keep the URN details safely as it will be required to check the status of your updated data of Aadhar card.

Offline Aadhar Correction Procedure

Here Is The Link Of  aadhar card correction form allow to make changes of your address, name, gender and other details.

  • Fill in all the details correctly and in Capital Letter. Providing Mobile number is compulsory.
  • Remember you have to attach the relevant document for the details you want to update. Suppose you want to update you address then you have to attach a Address poof along with that and do not forget to mention your Aadhar number on each document you are attaching.
  • After doing everything enclose the documents in an envelop and write “Aadhar Update/Correction”  on the top of the envelope and send it across to UIDAI.

By Following Above Given Steps You Easily Change Your Aadhar Card Details.